David vs Goliath : The story continues in the Bundesliga

It is of no surprise to anyone when we say the bundesliga is basically a one horse race for almost all the seasons that has gone by now.With the exception for that splendid 2 seasons from Jurgen Klopp’s Borussia Dortmund winning the league in 2010-11 and the 2011-12 season there hasn’t been a real competition for Bayern Munich in the league.




So how did Bayern end up as the Goliath in the league.Will a David rise in the upcoming future to overpower this giant.Let us take a look at some of the points which may lead us to a verdict.

What does Bayern Munich have that all the other clubs in the league don’t have.The answer is pretty simple for everyone.Most of us will say Money.But is that all Bayern has over the other teams.We certainly don’t think so.It is a reality that Bayern do outmuscle all the other clubs by a huge distance financially but what most people don’t notice is how effectively they develop players into multi utility players allowing them to play much more than their average playing years.

A best example is in the case of Phillip Lahm,the ex Baverian.What role did he have when he first started out at Bayern.He transformed himself from a natural centre back to a later well known RB.He also had his say in LB and CDM positions for the club as well.In certain games he is also used as a CM.So how does this help in the dominance of Bayern.While other teams either take time to develop a player or buy one Bayern are using a player in different roles so that the time taken by the teams to do the foretold development or negotiation process can be completely cancelled out.This means that if Borussia Dortmund has a player retiring at say any particular age ,that’s that for them.He retires and they try to find a player to fill in.The transition may be difficult.But what Bayern does is if a player has reached his peak they use him in a different or adaptive role.They never leave a player even if he has 0.001% potential left in him.This makes them skip that transition phase which will obviously improve the results and make them the best in the league.

And yes there is also the mere influence that Bayern has on the market and footballing world.They find it much easier to land a player than any other team in the league or the world for that matter.So a team which has money,has the ability to land almost any player on the planet and a team which uses its players to the core.Well sounds like the best way to go about it.Utilising young talents and mixing them with experienced players Bayern are certainly the odds on favourite to continue their dominance in the Bundesliga.




So do David’s stand a chance against this particular Goliath.Since its the game of football the answer is YES!They do stand a chance of overthrowing this giants.All a club has to do is keep hold of their domestic talents as well as their current players.Mixing young talent with experience is the best way to counter Bayern’s style of management.Well the funds will be limited but the scouts themselves can make a big impact by landing the not-so-famous and high price tagged players and instead signing talents that are craving for playing time.Even though the players are hard put to find who would reject an offer from the Baverians local players may stand a chance of staying with their local club for the passion and love of the game.




So we would like to see the Bundesliga getting more competitive day by day and yes from a neutral perspective more David’s should come up and try to overthrow the Goliath.And meanwhile the Goliath needs to be always on the watchout as well.Anyways this will indeed be a treat to watch.

Catch all the action of the German Bundesliga next season and let’s see what happens!



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